Greetings in Spanish
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Greetings in Spanish

Learn how to say common greetings in Spanish (hellos and goodbyes).

Tap or click on the comic to listen to each scene and then review more Spanish vocabulary and expressions

Listen to the correct pronunciation, learn a few sample sentences using the vocabulary.

Print out the vocabulary.

Hello, how are you?

hola scene 1
hola scene 2a
hola scene 2b
hola scene 3

Lesson 1

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Saludos en Español

Learn these basic greetings and pleasantries in Spanish.





buenos días

good morning

buenas tardes

good afternoon

buenas noches

good night

hasta pronto

see you soon

hasta mañana

see you tomorrow

¿cómo estás?

how are you?

estoy bien

I am good / I am well

por favor



thank you

de nada

you're welcome