Spanish Bilingual Schools

The following schools offer either bilingual Spanish programs or Spanish immersion programs for children. To add a school to this list please email us.

The Calgary Board of Education provides a pamphlet on their program here and describes the program as follows.

"The Spanish Bilingual Program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the basic skills for speaking, reading, writing, listening and communicating in both English and Spanish at a young age. The program is part of the International Spanish Academy network sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain."

Calgary Board Of Education Spanish Bilingual Program
Calgary Catholic School District Spanish Bilingual Program

A.E. Cross School
Tel: 403-777-7410

Bishop Pinkam School
Tel: 403-777-7840

Canyon Meadows School
Tel: 403-777-8600

Collingwood School/Escuela Collingwood
Tel: 403-777-6180

Dalhousie Elementary School
Tel: 403-777-6030

Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Tel: 403-281-3366

Eugene Coste School
Tel: 403-777-8511

Glenmeadows School
Tel: 403-777-5235

Robert Warren School
Tel: 403-777-7690

Senator Patrick Burns School
Tel: 403-777-7400

W.O. Mitchell School
Tel: 403-777-6100

William Aberhart High School
Tel: 403-289-2551

Bishop Grandin
Tel: 403-500-2091

Bishop McNally
Tel: 403-500-2047

St. Benedict
Tel: 403-500-2053

St. Bonaventure
Tel: 403-500-2062

St. Francis
Tel: 403-500-2026

St. John Paul II
Tel: 403-500-2085

St. John XXIII
Tel: 403-500-2080

St. Margaret
Tel: 403-500-2025

Edmonton Public Schools International Spanish Academy
Edmonton Catholic Schools Spanish Bilingual Program