Spanish Greetings
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Spanish Greetings

Learn some beginner Spanish greetings here at

Below is a list of simple Spanish vocabulary for basic greetings and polite talk. You can also listen to most of these Spanish greetings here.

Click on a button to the right of the Spanish greetings list to find some Spanish expressions or learn some business vocabulary in Spanish.

Spanish Greetings

Good morning

Buenos días

Good afternoon

Buenas tardes

Good evening

Buenas noches

Good night

Buenas noches



See you later

Hasta luego

This is Mr. ...

Este es el Señor ...

This is Mrs./Miss ...

Esta es la Señora / la Señorita ...

Pleased to meet you

Encantado de conocerle

How are you?

¿Como esta usted?

Very well, thank you.

Muy bien, gracias.

And you?

¿Y usted?

How’s life?

¿Como le va?


Muy bien

I beg your pardon?



Lo siento