Household Phrases in Spanish
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Household phrases in Spanish

Learn Spanish phrases for making requests at home.

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Open / Close

Abre la puerta.

Open the door.

Cierra la puerta.

Close the door.

Abre la ventana.

Open the window.

Cierra la ventana.

Close the window.

On / Off

Enciende las luces.

Turn on the lights.

Apaga las luces.

Turn off the lights.

Enciende el agua.

Turn on the water.

Apaga el agua.

Turn off the water.


Lávate tus manos.

Wash your hands.

Cepíllate los dientes.

Brush your teeth.

Metete en la bañera.

Get in the bathtub.

Dining Room

Comete tus verduras.

Eat your vegetables.

Bebe tu leche.

Drink your milk.

Usa tu servilleta.

Use your napkin.


Vete a tu cuarto.

Go to your room.

Ordena tu cuarto.

Staighten up your room.

Limpia tu cuarto.

Clean your room.


Go to sleep.

Haz tu cama.

Make your bed.